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  1. Which cars are considered classics?
    Classic Cars are considered those which are at least 30 years old and have a significant role in the automobile history. The car has to be in its original condition as at the year of manufacturing or has been restored using original parts of the time.To find out whether your car is a classic you can contact FIPA and receive an expert view on the subject.

  2. What is the procedure of registering my car as a classic?
    Pick up forms from the FIPA offices or have them send to you. The forms consist of a membership form and a form for filling out the car details. The car then will be examined by an authorized scrutineer to determine if it was restored (or if in original condition) according to the original specs of its time. Papers of the car’s history and manuals might be required. FIVA certificates are only valid for 10 years and only for the car owner that it was issued. If the car is transferred to another party, then a new certificate will have to be issued (converted).

  3. Who is responsible for converting cars into registered classics?
    The International Federation of Old Vehicles (FIVA, Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens) is the authority for issuing classic car certificates. FIPA is acting on behalf of FIVA, as the only designated authority in Cyprus for issuing these FIVA certificates.

  4. How can I become a member?
    Contact FIPA and require a form. See also question 2. Need not necessarily have a car to become a member.

  5. What are the requirements of a FIPA member?
    Annual membership. Participation in FIPA events is not required however it is highly recommended.